Rusty USA7

USA7's Dedicated RUST Server
Our Mission
We are dedicated to providing a fun and safe gaming environment within the game RUST by dedicating  time and resources to maintaining a fully dedicated game server.


Rusty USA7 is a relatively lenient server with few rules. The rules for the server are simple and listed below.

  1. No hacks or cheats. Any hacker or cheater caught will have their accounts reported for VAC Ban
  2. No racist, homophobic, and sexual harassment  will be tolerated on this server, all violations will result in server ban
  3. Don't be a dick

All bans are final. No appeals. If the server owner or admin believes you are in violation of any of the above rules they have the permission and authority to enforce bans.
Join the conversation! Use the link below to join a discord server that connects the sserver community with each other and the admins. The discord is shared with the offical twitch of USA7.

About Rusty USA7

Rusty USA7 is a pure vanilla server with no added mods. The owners and admins would like to keep the server as simple as possible. The server is also No Decay with absolutely no upkeep required. Radiation is also on this server, as it is a key element of the game. Item, node, and animal respawn times are increased to provide a constant supply of resources. Lastly, node resource output has been slightly increased to help make it a little easier to complete complex designs.

Also, the admins are always willing to listen to suggestions, but all decisions made by the admins are official. This goes with server suggestions and ban decisions.