Meet USA7

Learn a little bit about the USA7 team members!
  1. MikeyLikesIt70
    CEO of USA7, Mikey is the mastermind in front of the curtain. Mikey created USA7, and has made it grow into what it has become today. Not only being the most active member of USA7, he is the most passionate. Find him on TeamSpeak.
  2. mentalman55
    David, or mentalman55 has helped develop USA7 into the entity it is today. Serving as COO/CCO David spends a lot of his time planning out the future of USA7. Find him playing some of his favorite games; 7D2D, RUST, or PayDay2.
  3. CrawDog802
    Once connecting on NASCAR, Tyler quickly climbed the ranks of USA7, eventually making it to the top, acting as our current CNO. Tyler is awesome at finding new games and getting people excited about USA7.
  4. pfeifdaddy26
    One of the original four members of USA7, Luke is our current CFO. Unfortunately, Luke doesn't have a gaming PC, but that doesn't mean he is not active. He stays busy by suggesting ideas and changes to make USA7 better.
  5. GansAuf
    Our current Members Supervisor is Mason. He may be newer to the clan, and the youngest staff member, but that's okay. He is the future of USA7, and has made that known by being an important member since the day he joined.
  6. YahBoyLadd
    Houston is our acting Social Media Supervisor and Sales Supervisor. He keeps our members in the loop and fashionable. Keep an eye on Houston, as he will be making a huge jump and change to USA7 in the near future.
  7. Masta-Wu
    Andy is one of the four original members of USA7. As the Recruitment Supervisor, he brings new names to our clan daily. He also makes sure that USA7 is branching into new territories by finding our clan new games to play.
  8. ReVo_Games
    Brenden is USA7's Social Media Manager. He is responsible for keeping all our social media accounts up to date. Just like Houston, Brenden will be taking the same leap to make USA7 even better. Follow us on all out accounts to find out.