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Welcome to USA7 Gaming

We are a gaming clan looking to expand and grow in to full community. Starting out on PC and currently working on branching into console gaming, USA7 is the clan to join. Browse our website and make yourself at home. If you decide to join us, welcome to the family, if not, thanks for the visit.
On behalf of all the members of USA7, we thank you for visiting our site!
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USA7 has two voice channels for our members to choose from. We offer a full furnished TeamSpeak and Discord channel for our members to use free of charge. Jump in, chat it up, and have a fun time!



Who are We

USA7 is a PC Gaming Clan, playing different games and provide different services to It's members. Take a look at what we offer!

PC Gaming

One of the fastest growing gaming communities, learn about how USA7 is staying involved in the amazing world of PC Gaming.
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Meet the Team

USA7 is growing to a pretty big size. Learn about the team behind the screens that makes USA7 possible.
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Console Gaming

USA7 is in the process of taking some pretty big leaps and advances into new territories. Learn about whats to come as USA7 branches into the world of Console Gaming.
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What are Members Saying?

Members of USA7 are happy with their experiences.
Here are a few comments from USA7 Members!
  1. "I like being able to join the TeamSpeak channel knowing there will be someone to play with!"
  2. "We are all friends, we play every game together. Drikin and Killin, it's what we do best!"

Our Gallery

Here are just a few screenshots from the gameplay of our members!
Visit the Screenshots tab to see a nice gallery of all the submitted photos! 
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